How to Draw a Gold Dragon

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Lets start this step by drawing out the frame for the golden dragon. Starting at the top, draw a dog like facial frame with a long curved line that goes down to the collar bone. The from there draw a line going across for the collar bone and a circle   


This step is where you will fill in the lower part of the body. Starting at the back of the dragon, draw a circle that goes completely around to the right side of the chest. Underneath that circle shape sketch out another that goes behind the left le   


Now, here is where you will be sketching out the dragons face, horns, eyes, and one of the wings. Starting at the head sketch in the face and snout. the nostrils and almond shaped eyes. There are five horns on the golden dragon and looks like an exos   


This step is pretty short all you are going to do here is sketch in the details on the horns face, hands, legs and body. The best way to see where exactly these detailed definitions will go is to enlarge the image and let that be your guide. After yo   


Here in this step you will be sketching and drawing the other wing, part of the left foot, and part of the tail that is wrapped around from the side to front. Starting at the wing just sketch in the shape you see in the image. Sketch the wrinkle line   


This is going to be a very short step. All you are going to do here is define both the wings and finish drawing the tail. The end of the tail looks like a mace. So the tip of the tail should be round and contain different shaped spikes all over it. A   


This is what you should end up with when you are completely finished with your sketch. She looks good doesn't she. I hoped you had fun with this tutorial and I will see you next time. Remember if you have any questions or comments leave me a comment    

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February 10, 2008

Description: This is another fantasy creature that I sketched like a year ago and it is called the Golden Dragon. I originally had it surrounded by three baby gold dragons but I decided to remove them from the sketch and leave just the one. I have a big imagination, and because of that I have a crap load of different types of dragons and alien monsters that I intend to eventually make tutorials out of. The story behind the golden dragon goes like this. This dragon lived alone deep in the forest of Mythabila, the only access to water was through a heavily wooded trail and this is where she would find food as well. No one in the outer world away from the woods that she lived in knew anything about this dragon with golden skin. Not even she knew who she was or where she came from, it was like all she remembers is waking up alone and unaware of her purpose. The only thing she knew is that her name was Drailia and she bared the mark of a dagger on her torso. What she didn’t know is that in the village of Gnarlum there was a young boy who was raised as an orphan since birth. An old woman found him in the river when she was gathering water, not knowing where this child came from, she took him into her home and raised him as her own. Her brother happened to be the village blacksmith, so she asked him to train this child to be a man and a warrior, deep in her soul she felt that this child had a purpose, for none from other kingdoms or villages ever came looking for a lost infant boy. The name she marked him with was Rylore. There was one mysterious thing about the boy, like Drailia, he bared the mark of a dagger on his chest. As the child grew older dreams became more intense, he always felt that the distant forest was calling to him. One early afternoon, he kept hearing someone whisper in his ear, very lightly and gently at first where he could not make out what the voice was saying, and then he could hear her, light whispers of a woman gently blowing in his ear “Rylore”, “Rylore come to me”. I will continue to write the conclusion and let you know what becomes of Drailia and Rylore. But for now, this tutorial will show you how to draw this mysterious golden dragon that lives in the forest. The step by step instructions will show you in detail what you need to do to draw your own Drailia. Until next time, I bid thee farewell.

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