Easy Naga Drawing Tutorial

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We will draw the guides for the head and torso like you see here. When that is done you can sketch in the guidelines for the arms and body.


We will begin sketching out the 3/4 view of the Naga's face. This should include the eyes, nose, mouth and chin shape or structure.


Here you will draw in the style of her hair which is long, straight and flowing. Finish the lips and then proceed to step four.


In this step we will draw the body. Sketch out the chest and torso, then draw in the hips and tail like body. The Naga is like a snake. Before you leave this step you may also want to detail the stomach and pelvic area.


Lastly, draw in the Naga's arms and clawed like hands. When that is done you can add detailing to the hair and sketch in the hair ends. Add some scales on the body starting on the chest, and proceed through the body. Erase the mistakes along with the   


When all is said and done, your Naga should look like this when you're done. All you have to do next is add a nice background and color her in.

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November 20, 2015

Description: Okay guys, I'm back with another fantasy lesson that I think you will love and enjoy. Here is my take on a lesson that will teach you how to draw a Naga in the most easiest manner while keeping a look that is not so cartoonish. I really, really like this tutorial because it depicts one of the most interesting creatures from Greek Mythology. The simple design of this Naga's body and her reptilian but beautiful face has a nice flow. It shouldn't be too complex to follow this lesson on drawing an Easy Naga. Adios folks and enjoy.

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