How to Draw a Halloween Candy Corn

Artist: Dawn / September 27, 2016

Step 1.

You can start with a pointed mound like shape like so.

Step 2.

Next, begin to draw the scary shaped eyes. They should have the detailing to make them more intense so add the creases where you see them here, on your drawing as well.

Step 3.

This is the last part of the face you will draw and that is the mouth. Almost like a Jack-o-lantern mouth, draw the points both low and high and add some curve to the cut.

Step 4.

Finish things up by drawing the marking line so you get that signature look of the famous Candy Corn. If you made mistakes just erase them.

Step 5.

Here is the line art folks. Color in the art and show people the scary candy Corn you just made for Halloween.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 27, 2016
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Tags: how to draw candy, how to draw jack-o-lanterns
Description: Everyone knows that there is a signature candy that is associated with Halloween and that is the candy corn. Today I will be showing you how to draw a Halloween version of this sweet festive treat, but instead of just a piece of candy, I will draw a creepy face on it as well to spruce things up. This is you basic candy corn but there is a simple looking face that resembles a jack-o-lantern's. Anyways, have fun and be sure to let me know if you would like to see anything special for Halloween.