How to Draw Alien vs Predator

Artist: Dawn / May 27, 2014

Step 1.

Begin with a head guide like so. Sketch in the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

We will tackle the Alien first since it is the one on the left side and I like to work from left to right usually. Begin by drawing the wide open mouth which is in a rounded square shape.

Step 3.

Next, begin sketching out the actual structure of Alien's face shape which should also come out being long. The head is sort of oval shaped from the front view. Add darkening to the crease near the side of the face or head, then move to the next step   

Step 4.

The next thing we will do is draw in the razor sharp teeth to fill Alien's mouth. Make sure the teeth are lined evenly but not too perfectly.

Step 5.

Inside of Alien's mouth you will draw the small head or face for the alien that is attached inside of the body. This is what bursts out of the mouth, and into the skulls of Alien's victims. Add the skin texture detailing around the formation of the h   

Step 6.

You will now draw in the little teeth inside the mini alien's mouth like so. It is almost identical to the alien it lives in.

Step 7.

Here is where you will need to take your time because you have to sketch in all of the detailing to Alien's jaw and face. As you can see the definition is added using small thin lines as well as some shading.

Step 8.

Now sketch out the prongs that are part of Alien's head design. Also you will need to sketch in the tube like shape to the side of the head/face just under the prongs you just drew. Once that is done, sketch in some definition to the prongs.

Step 9.

Now we can get started with Predator. Sketch out the open, claw like mouth with the two horned pointed fangs at the ends of each corner of the mouth design. Also add detailing too.

Step 10.

Draw in more of Predator's mouth which also has two more fangs inside. The fangs are more like pods inside the mouth. Draw in the jaw line or structure like so, then add some definition to the right side of the stretched skin inside the mouth cheek.

Step 11.

Take your time as you detail the entire inside of Predator's mouth. It almost looks like a hole inside, but that is all an illusion. Add texture definition as well not only on the teeth and around the mouth, but on the chin too.

Step 12.

Up next draw the shape of Predator's skull design which is serrated or spiked.

Step 13.

Add another layer of spiked inside the outer layer you just made in step twelve. Add detailing to the spikes as well as prepare the face for Predator's eye by sketching the brow.

Step 14.

Add fine definition to the spikes and inside the head like so, then proceed to step fifteen.

Step 15.

Now you can draw in the very wide open eyeball which seems to be piercing at you. All the small spiked hairs around the top part of the eye should be drawn in as well. Detail under the eye and along the cheek too. Take your time so it all comes toget   

Step 16.

Sketch out the shape of Predator's sharp angled jawline like so, then sketch in all the detailing which ends up looking like stretched skin.

Step 17.

For the last drawing step all you need to do is draw the dreadlock style strands that act as Predator's hair. There are beads placed up to the middle of the hair chunks like so. Erase the mistakes as well as the guides you created.

Step 18.

Now that you are finally done, your drawing of Alien vs Predator comes out looking like the image you see here. Once you've tweaked the sketch to your liking, you can add some vibrant color.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 27, 2014
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Description: Here it is, my favorite lesson of the day is on "how to draw Alien vs Predator", step by step. I can't even decide which alien I like best because they both came out looking absolutely ridiculous and I mean that in a good way. I made this entire lesson while I was drawing live on and I have to say that it was probably one of the best live sessions I have ever done. From start to finish the entire lesson took me seven long hours and that's not including steps. The longest part was probably the detailing and coloring aspect for both Alien and Predator. I know I have drawn these two species before in the past, but this time I can honestly say that I have outdone myself. I did not anticipate for this drawing to come out so good. I keep looking at it saying to myself "wow, I can't believe I drew that". Every now and again an artist should be saying that about their work because that is when you realize that your drawing technique is improving for the better. Anyways, let me shut up because I know a lot of you read these descriptions. I want to let you all get started with drawing Alien vs Predator in a split view style concept. I will return so don't go anywhere.