How to Draw a Faun for Kids

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Make a circle for the head, then sketch in a facial guide.


Sketch out the outline of the face and complete the formation of the large goat ears.


Cap off the top part of the head, then draw the fauns small horns. Draw the large eyes like so, then make a small nose as well as some creases above the eyes. Add detailing inside of the ears before moving to step four.


for this step you will draw the shoulders first then draw out the arms and small hands. Add a belly button, then sketch in the waist line which should be full of hair.


Finish up the faun by drawing the legs, crotch and hooves. When all is done you can erase your mistakes until you have a finished result that you're proud of.


That's it guys, you're done. Color him in and you have yourself a good day.

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June 9, 2012

Description: Well folks here is another fun tutorial that has all the right fixings. This will be the last lesson that will fall in the 'for kids' category. Here you will learn the tricks of the trade when I show you guys "how to draw a faun for kids", step by step. These adorable little beings have goat bodies for the lower half of their physic, and a human like body from the waist above. Another feature they have is goat animal ears and horns. I love the way that this faun came out looking because it is so incredibly adorable. He sort of reminds me of the faun from Percy Jackson. Well since I have another one of these creatures from lore that I made a couple years ago, I will let you folks get busy with drawing a faun of your own. Okay that's about it. I have to bounce out of here so I can frolic along in the woods as I prepare my last lesson for the day. Thanks guys, and enjoy yourself.

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