How to Draw Cleopatra Eye Makeup

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Start with the top lid line which is arched but them comes up after the steep dip at the end of the eye lid shape. The flare at the end should be a bit blocky.


Finish the shape of the eye and towards the end of the eye shape draw in a curled design line and a short slash like line as well.


Draw in the eye ball, color in the pupil and make the mark for the water line at the inner corner of the eye.


Add the lid crease to form depth, then sketch in some beautiful long lashes.


Add some thick bottom lashes, then proceed to step six which is the last step.


Finally, draw in the thick eyebrow. As you know back in the days when Cleopatra ruled, women didn't have the pleasures of plucking their brows. Add some small spurts of hair at the beginning of the brow, then erase your mistakes.


And your eye is done. You can use the colored image in this lesson as a reference guide for your colors when adding vibrancy to your Cleopatra eye.

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October 29, 2014

Description: So my eleven year old sister is going out as Cleopatra for Halloween and I will have the honor to do her eye makeup in the beautiful Egyptian style. This tutorial represents how I intend to do her eye makeup minus the blue shadowing because I don't think it's appropriate to put that much makeup on an eleven year old. So having said all that, here is how to draw Cleopatra eye makeup, step by step or just Cleopatra eyes. I absolutely love the way the colors came out and I also love how I colored the iris in an orange/light brown hue. I can't wait for you guys to tackle this lesson because I know you will have some good fun. Drawing eyes can be fun as well as challenging but when you have a design such as the one you see here, you are more inclined to take on such a task.

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