How to draw a demon

Artist: Dawn / July 8, 2009

Step 1.

You will start the first step by drawing out the body's line of motion as you see here. Start with a circle shape for the head and then draw the front shape of the torso which includes breasts, and stomach. You will connect those lines to another cir   

Step 2.

You will start sketching out the shape of the razor looking finger shapes and then the hands. As you can see the forsaken one has steel bands on the wrist so you must draw that well. Sketch out the horrific detailing to the face like the mouth, jaw a   

Step 3.

Step three will take some time to sketch out because you have to sketch out the legs, back, butt, and arms. Sketch out the horn like shapes that are protruding out of the elbows, forearms, and head. The spikes will follow down the back of the head to   

Step 4.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is sketch out the feet and then detail the thighs and legs in full detail as you see here. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and move to the final line art page.

Step 5.

This is what your forsaken being should look like when you are done. Color it in and you have just finished this tutorial on how to draw the forsaken one step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 8, 2009
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Description: Remember that sketch I was drawing live a few days ago? It was of a creature that I called “the forsaken one”. I wanted to upload the creature yesterday but unfortunately I got caught up doing other things. So here I am today ready to submit my tutorial that I will label “how to the forsaken one step by step”. There really isn’t a name for this creature that I drew and because of that I figured since it was a creation out of my imagination, it should rightfully be called concept art. I have submitted a bunch of concept art over time and this one is probably one of my favorites. The forsaken one is neither a boy or girl. Instead it is a hermaphrodite. The being was once a beautiful angel that had golden locks for hair which was shoulder length long. The angels face was as pure and flawless as can be with a hint of toning to the angels complexion, almost like a golden heavenly glow. In my story heaven and hell are the same. The only differences is one place is evil and chaotic, and the other place is harmonious and pure. When an angel is created, once in a million years one will fall into the clouds with the beauty of both man and woman. These angels must choose their paths to either live out their spiritual lives with the grace of god, or from the hand of the devil. The angel in question beard no name because a sex has not yet been chosen. He/she must go on a journey to find ones calling whether it be heavenly or dark. The path this angel chose led its self into despair and bondage because during the journey, the being led more toward the dark side. Of course there is an exception t9o the rule. If an angle can overcome all the suffering, pain, and torture inflicted onto them and still come out saying I love my lord, then maybe, just maybe that being will be forgiven and the lesson had been taught. After the brutality that was inflicted onto this being, it was tied and bond to a torture chamber until it cried for it’s calling. When that one left the depths of hell, the forsaken became the forgiven. The background represents chaos and all that is evil in the world. The lord took this tortured soul and gave it a face of its own and a soul that couldn’t be broken. The being turned into a she, and she was the most beautiful angel in all of the heavens above. Her wings were soft, thick, and white, and her face was pure elegance with a hint of sorrow. The Lord named her “Abdiel” which means “angel of faith”. One glance of her face would make any man, woman or child drop down and cry. Next week I am going to submit a tutorial on what she looks like after her rebirth from the torturous hell that she was in. I hope you like this lesson on “how to draw a demon” step by step. I will be back soon so stick around with more to come.