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How to Draw a Goat

Artist: Dawn / July 7, 2009
How to Draw a Goat

Step 1.

To start, draw one circle shape for the goats head and then add the facial guidelines, another circle shape for the torso part of the goats body as seen here with a neck line attaching the head to the body, and then another shape for the butt end of    

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the actual shapes of the goats body starting with the head. Draw the oblong shape of the goats face and then the neck shape. From the left side of the neck you will begin drawing out the front legs and then the hind l   

Step 3.

Start this step by drawing the top of the goats back and then the belly. Finish drawing out the legs and then the hooves. Next give this goat head a nose, mouth and nose bridge lines.

Step 4.

You are now on your last drawing step and as you can see your goat is looking mighty fine. All goats have two horns, so after you sketch out the top skull line of the head, you will need to sketch out the horns and the ears. Draw and color in the eye   

Step 5.

Here is what your sketch of the goat should look like when you are done. Color it in and you have completed this lesson on "how to draw a billy goat" step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 7, 2009
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Description: Hey guys, how about another tutorial on a farm animal that we all love to feed, watch and pet. Of course I am talking about the goat and as you know the goat is a very popular farm animal. The lesson that you will be taught today is on “how to draw a goat”, step by step. Goats is the one farm animal that gets me confused with the other animal, a ram. Goats are used for many, many things and they are sometimes considered sacred animals. The domestic goat lives on farms, and out in the wild. There is like hundreds of different types of goat breeds, and they are all used for many different things. Different goats have different purposes. Take the boer goat for instance, this goat is herded for it’s meat. Goat meat is very similar to veal or venison. Goats that are used for milk, cheese, and butter are also used like the Alpine goat. Now, goats too must be milked and it is said that fresh goat milk is very creamy and sometimes bitter when warm. Milk from a goat is processed to make chesses and butter as well. Goats like the Angora goat, are used for their fibers. When I say fibers I don’t mean meat, I’m talking about wool, cashmere wool, and other types of fabric producing fibers. If you think about it, goats are utilized for many uses to farmers and consumers alike. Remember when I said that goats remind me of rams? Well, I was just looking at some pictures of goats, rams, and sheep, and I have to say that the goat resembles both other animals. Well, that is all you are going to get out of me, it is now tine for you to tackle this tutorial on “how to draw a goat step by step. Peace out and happy drawing.