How to Draw a Christmas Unicorn


We will start with a head and body guides like so, then draw in the limb guidelines.


Next, use the head guide to form the shape of your unicorn's face like so. When that is done draw the mane.


We will now add the lid of the Santa hat and then draw the unicorn horn.


Draw the large shapes eye and then add the strand lines for the mane. When that is done you can draw the mouth and nose.


Finish the mane and then draw in the rest of the Santa hat.


Sketch in the shape of the neck, and then draw the torso, body and legs.


When drawing the tail make sure it's long and layered. When that is done draw the missal toe for a band.


Lastly, draw in the two remaining legs and the rest of the strand lines on the tail. Erase your mistakes if you made any along with the guidelines/shapes.


Here is the line art. You can now color in your Christmas unicorn now that you are all done. Thanks guys!

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July 27, 2015

Description: It's no secret that unicorns have become and are still becoming more and more popular lately. It seems as though where ever I turn my head I am seeing more and more art on Unicorns. Now because of this, I have made a vow to do at least one unicorn related lessons once a week, or once a month. Basically when I get a chance to do a new unicorn concept I will. Today I chose to start the festivities early and show folks how to draw a Christmas unicorn, step by step. Christmas is not around the corner, but I know how folks are already planning for the upcoming holiday. So go ahead and enjoy drawing a Christmas unicorn and I will prepare more tutorials for you all. Don't forget to watch me live at 8pm today.

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