How to Draw a Unicorn Farting Rainbow

How to Draw a Unicorn Farting Rainbow
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Start off with the shapes and guidelines like you see here.


Next, draw out the actual shape of the unicorn's head and then the neck and some of the body.


We will draw the derpy style eyes as well as the nose and big smile.


Here you will add the mane and then the ears. Don't forget the unicorn horn.


Complete the body and when doing so draw in the hooves as well as the detailing on the tail.


Lastly, you will draw the big gas fart coming out the the rear and it is the end of the fart that is cloud like shaped. Erase the mistakes to prepare for color.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in your unicorn farting rainbow.

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July 8, 2020

Very easy lesson here on how to draw a unicorn farting a rainbow, step by step. This lesson was really fun to tackle and recreate because I know how popular a unicorn farting a rainbow is. Too bad there are not many lessons on this particular concept, but now at least artists who have been looking for a tut on drawing a unicorn farting rainbows will have one now. Enjoy people.

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