How To Draw a Chibi Skull

Artist: WK_Design / September 16, 2012
How To Draw a Chibi Skull

Step 1.

First, Draw a Circle with two guidelines like shown at the bottom of the image. THE CIRCLE DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT!!!

Step 2.

Begin drawing in the basic shape of the skulls jaw. The lines of the jaw should begin coming inwards when they meet the two guidelines we drew earlier.

Step 3.

Now, form the teeth guideline. You can erase the first guideline circle and lines that you created in step 1. In place of the circle ect. create two lines for the eyes like shown in the image. On to step 4!!!

Step 4.

Now you can draw in the basic shape for the eyes!If you dont like it, You can touch up the shapes later on.

Step 5.

Then, You can draw in the nose shapes and the jagged shapes for the teeth. One of the slots for the teeth, doesn't have a tooth. So for the illusion of not having a tooth, I drew a straight line and moved on. Then I went back and fixed it the way I l   

Step 6.

This is what your finished art project should look like! Thank you for drawing along and I will see you again later on!

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Artist: WK_Design
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Description: Hello friends! Today I will show you How To Draw a Chibi Skull! I tried to be very descriptive, so I hope it makes sense! Enjoy!!! ^.^