Drawing a Mermaid Tail in Ocean

Drawing a Mermaid Tail in Ocean
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For the first step you will just draw the tail without the fin attached. I chose to go with a narrow style tail, but you can make it as thick as you want. Don't forget the scales too.


This mermaid is going back to her home under the sea so you will need to draw the ocean water that surrounds the mermaid. As you know these mythical beings don't live on land. The water should be wavy, and the splash should be good size.


We will now tackle the task of drawing the mermaid's tail fin. This is one of my favorite parts because you can get as creative as you want. The fin is long and lustrous and whoever this tail belongs to, must be beautiful.


For the last step all you will need to do is draw the beautiful night sky. Fill it with clouds, stars and a moon off in the distance. You want to create a magical feel to this drawing. Erase the mistakes if you made any as well.


Your line art is complete. All you have to do is color in the drawing.

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November 12, 2020

Now that I've gotten the easy, cute drawing lessons out of the way. It's time to have some serious fun with a handful of tutorials that will leave you with your mouth open. Today, I will be showing you how to draw a mermaid tail in water as she is going back to her home under the sea. Of all the lessons I have done this week, this is one of my favorite. I love the background, the setting, the splashing ocean water, just about everything in the image I love. Mermaids are the first fantasy/mythical creatures I started drawing when I was a kid so they have a special place in my heart. Whenever I draw a mermaid tail or just a mermaid, I get carried away and brought to a place I don't normally go. So have fun with this tut and be sure to share it in social media if you love it.

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