Anime Girl Drawing Lesson


Make the shapes for the head and torso like so. When that is done sketch in the guidelines for the face, neck and body.


Define the shape of the anime girl's face and then draw the eyebrows and brow piercing.


You will now draw in this anime girl's eyes. They are bold in thickness and have a certain attitude to their style. Draw the nose and mouth as well as the nose piercing.


Up next, you will draw in the hairstyle which is long, straight and sort of wild. The headphone band should be tucked inside the hair a bit and then the muffs should be covering the ears. Don't forget to draw the wire coming from the head phones.


Continue to draw in her long hair, but this time in thick sections. When that is done sketch out the shape of her neck and draw in the shoulders. This anime rocker girl is wearing a black choker.


Move down and draw the arms, torso and the formation of the upper body. This is the cut sleeve tee. Don't forget those arms.


We will draw more of the body. This is a very skinny version of what most of us look like. When the body is done draw the pant line and then finish her arm. Also, give this anime girl a fist as well as the bandage style bracelet. Add more of the deta   


Lastly, draw the skull decal on the shirt or any decal you like. Erase the mistakes and the guides too.


When all is said and done the drawing of this anime girl should look like the one you see here. Color her in and you are done.

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January 23, 2016

Description: I have another anime girl lesson and this time she is rocking out hardcore. Here is my new lesson of an anime girl drawing lesson and I think you will like it. I have to be honest, I sort of based this girl on myself as far as the hair color and eyes go. And of course the shirt and piercings. As far as making this anime girl customized to look like yourself or someone you know, that should be easy enough because all you have to do is change the hairstyle and facial features. Anyways, drawing anime people is always fun. I know I don't do it enough, but hopefully that changes. I shall return in a jiffy so try and stick around if you can.

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