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You will draw the guidelines and shapes for Superman with this first step.


Up next you will use the guides to draw out the shape of Superman's face, neck ears and head shape/hair.


Draw in the hairline and then draw in his face starting with the eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth. You will then draw the top part of Superman's cape and then his shoulders.


You can now draw the chest shape and then the big S on his chest which is the iconic logo.


We will draw out the arms and cape in this step.


Now all you have to do to finish is draw out the rest of his torso, waist, and all the detailing on his body. Don't forget to draw the belt too. Erase the mistakes and all the guides.


Here is Superman when you are all done. Now just color him in to really finish him off.

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January 23, 2024

Description: Hey there everyone once again. Here is another fun lesson from the new series My Adventures with Superman which airs on Max. I know there are plenty of lessons on Drago covering Superman, but none are from the new series. I'm not going to lie, he was pretty boring to draw only because I am not a Superman kind of fan. But, that doesn't mean you won't have fun with this lesson especially if you are a fan of the DC Comics series. Anyways, have fun and thanks for viewing.

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