Mermaid Skeleton Drawing Lesson


We will start like we always do and that is with the guidelines and shapes for our skeletal mermaid.


Up next, define the actual shape of the mermaid's skull structure and then draw in the hollows for the eyes, nose and mouth.


We will now draw in the hair which is just basically a silhouette outlined. Add some detailing to the hair like some spaces and gaps.


We will now draw the body shape of the skeletal mermaid. Remember, this is a regular mermaid drawing, but instead of drawing all the detailing, we are making an internal look at the mermaid. So, draw the neck shape, arms, torso and breast shape.


Complete the body shape by drawing her tail and tail fin.


You will now take your time as you sit and draw in all the bones that fill the inside mermaid's cavity. Start with the neck and then carefully, slowly move down to the arms, hands, torso, hips and tail. This is a time consuming step so please don't g   


And lastly, draw in the small bones for the tail fin. Erase the mistakes you made and the guides. You should actually erase the guidelines in step six unless you needed them for the bones.


That's it, you are all done drawing a mermaid skeleton. Color it in and add a background of your choice.

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November 7, 2016

Description: I felt compelled to make a tutorial based on the skeletal anatomy of a mermaid. I don't know why, but I thought it would make a really cool lesson. Having said that, here is how to draw a mermaid skeleton, step by step. If you are one of those people that liked morbid art, I think you can classify this as borderline morbid. I think it's the color if the mermaid that makes it look odd, but all in all it's a really cool depiction of the mermaid creature. We very rarely see them exposed in their inner birthday suits, so this makes a nice lesson to tackle. Again, thank you all for viewing these lessons. If you want to see something I have not uploaded yet, just shoot me a request and I promise it will get done. Adios folks and enjoy.

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