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Manga Female Face

Artist: riley631 / June 8, 2013
Manga Female Face

Step 1.

Get a B and 2H pencil, a rubber and a sheet of paper

Step 2.

Draw a basic circle with a few guidelines

Step 3.

Add the chin with a 2H pencil

Step 4.

Draw the basic shape of the eyes

Step 5.

Draw the nose

Step 6.

and the mouth you can add a fang if you like.

Step 7.

Use three small and one large circle as highlights in the eye and shade in part of it

Step 8.

Draw the hair and neck

Step 9.

Shade the hair, neck and eyes and add highlights.

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Artist: riley631
Date Added: June 8, 2013
Steps: 9
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Description: Easy way to draw manga faces