How to Draw Yi from Abominable


Draw two circle for the head and body and then the guidelines for the limbs and face.


You will draw the actual shape of Yi's face and then draw in her short hairstyle.


Using the facial guidelines you will simply draw the shapes of her eyes, nose and mouth. Add the bold lining around the eyes to complete the look.


We will focus on the body next starting with the shape of her neck and then draw the torso in the outline of a t shirt. Add some stripes on the short sleeves and then a bolder line on her collar.


Draw in Yi's arms and then draw the hips and shorts. These are jean shorts so be sure to draw the cuffed ends and pocket lines. Once the shorts are done you can draw in her hands.


Start this step by drawing the first legs and what I like to call a leg warmer. Add some stripes to the leg sock and then draw in the foot in the form of a shoe.


Repeat the same task as you had in step six.


Lastly, draw the picture of a set of headphones on her shirt before erasing the mistakes and guides.


Here is the finished line art when you are done. Now you can color Yi in from Abominable.

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May 1, 2021

Description: Today I will upload a lesson on one of the main characters from the movie Abominable as per request. To start, here is how to draw Yi, step by step. Yi is a young teenage girl who ventures out on her rooftop and finds a Yeti. Yi has two friends and together they name the Yeti "Everest". I don't know too much about this story as I didn't watch it yet, but have fun drawing Yi and I will be back.

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