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How to Draw Willy Wonka

Artist: logie2008 / April 24, 2009
How to Draw Willy Wonka

Step 1.

First, get a black pen and draw in Willy's chin and cheeks, the bottom of his glasses and his left side of hair

Step 2.

Draw the outline of his hat , finish his glasses , draw his right side of hair and draw the outline of his jacket

Step 3.

draw his nose and lips. Draw the 2 stripes of his hat and draw the hair in the front.

Step 4.

In this last step, just add the detalis of his jacket and the "W" clip. I hope you enjoyed drawing Willy Wonka/ Logie2009

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Artist: logie2008
Date Added: April 24, 2009
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Description: hi there, logie2009 here. today I will teach you how to draw willy wonka from the new willy wonka movies. I got the idea to draw this because I saw someone request it on one of DQ's tutorials so I though I would give it a try. I'm sorry for the thick and sloppy line art but I didn't have my tablet with me or a fine liner, but you get the idea of how to draw it.