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How to Draw a Shaolin Monk

Artist: logie2008 / May 8, 2009
How to Draw a Shaolin Monk

Step 1.

Firstly draw the monk's head, neck and arms. his hands are the lines pointing in towards his chest. make sure to have the shoulders in the same position.

Step 2.

next, from the two lines, draw down two more lies towards the sleeves. draw in the fingers

Step 3.

draw the monk's torso and the sash around his waist.

Step 4.

now, draw in his legs and shoes make sure you get the proportions right. the right leg starts going down at about the start of the left legs shoe

Step 5.

draw in the black ties around the monk's socks and draw in the right shoe.

Step 6.

fill in the monks ties with black and shade in his sash gray.

Step 7.

in this final step, draw in the hair, you can add a ponytail if you like, to do this draw two brackets and then draw a band. lastly shade the body and draw in the creases. I hope you enjoyed drawing a Shaolin monk with Logie2008

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Artist: logie2008
Date Added: May 8, 2009
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Description: Hi guys. I'm logie2008. Today I am going to teach you how to draw a Shaolin monk. I am very proud of this tutorial. I think it is very good. I am sorry for all the changes to the head. my heads always seem to tilt to the left. But in the end I got it right. Anyway hope you enjoy drawing a Shaolin monk!