How to Draw Whiplash from Turbo

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Begin with drawing the head, and shell shape like so. When that is done you can draw in the snail's front body lining as well as the eyeballs.


Sketch out the actual form of Whiplash's face like you see here and attache the stems to his eyes. Once that is done draw the back part of the neck, then move along.


All you have to do here is draw in the eyelids so they look squinted. Color in the pupils, then draw the smiling mouth and some of the chin.


Here is where you will draw the body of Whiplash. His belly should be hitting the ground because as you know that is how snails get around. The back part of the meaty tissue should be detailing with some striping lines.


Lastly, draw Whiplash's shell followed by the motor that he has built onto it. The swirl in the shell should also be added for more detail. Erase the mistakes then you're done.


Here is the snail leader Whiplash. Color him in and add this Turbo character to your sketch book.

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April 10, 2013

Description: There is a CGI movie coming out very soon that is supposed to take the place of Disney's Cars. DreamWorks Animation takes us on a snaily ride with Turbo. I already did the main character which is Turbo, but I haven't yet uploaded tuts on some of the other characters. I will start with drawing Whiplash because he is one of the toughest snails competing in the snail race. Whiplash is a big burly snail that has a good sized shell on his back. Before Turbo became fast, you could say that Whiplash was one of the faster snails on the track. His color is dark and it should be if he is the snail leader. Anyways, when you tackle this tut on "how to draw Whiplash" you will find yourself wanting to draw more snails. He is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson which means Whiplash should be comical to watch on screen. Have fun people and stick around for other tuts coming your way.

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