How to Draw WALL-E Easy, WALL-E

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You will begin by making a box shape like so, then draw a stem or neck followed by two egg like shapes for WALL-E's eyes.


Using the shapes you made in step one, begin sketching out the actual shapes of his eyes. They should be droopy and widen like you see here. Draw in the top part of the stem which is what holds his eyes in place. Remember, WALL-E is a robot so everyt   


Add a trim line on the inner edge of the eyes. This is actually the frame line that separates the glass from the sockets if you know what I mean. Draw in the actual eyeball shapes which are camera like lenses, then continue to draw in WALL-E's neck b   


Okay so the next thing we will do is draw WALL-E's arms and clamp like hands. The arms are very simple because they are whole pieces. Draw in the hands which look like forks or two C's facing each other. Add the detailing like so, then proceed to ste   


All you have to do here is define the shape of his square body. Add some detailing on and around the shoulders, then at the bottom corners.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the wide wheels. Add the detailing for the tracks, then begin erasing the mistakes and guides.


Here is how your drawing of WALL-E looks when you are done. Now all you need to do is color him in and draw him again on a folder or book cover in school.

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February 18, 2013

Description: Hi folks. Today I will start my day off right by giving you lessons on some pretty cool characters. Start, we will learn "how to draw WALL-E easy", step by step. This lovable robot has always been such an adorable character ever since the WALL-E movie was released. People can't seem to get enough of WALL-E and neither can I. To tell you the truth, I don't know why I didn't make this lesson a long time ago. I mean the other WALL-E tut I have was just not made to be easy to follow or understand. By keeping things simple I made drawing WALL-E looking like anyone can try to replicate. I really wanted to make sure that everyone would have a chance to draw this popular Disney/Pixar character no matter what. Yes if you're a beginning artist you will have some complications, but that doesn't mean you won't be successful. So go ahead and have fun folks. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun. Peace out people.

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