How to Draw Vizard

Artist: Dawn / August 17, 2010

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the basic guidelines for your Vizard version of Ichigo. This will include a series of planned lines that build up the body of this character. You must first start off with a circle and then onwards to the lines.

Step 2.

Next, draw the facials of the Vizard Ichigo. Start off with the eyebrow part of the Vizard as well as the basic structure of the mouth and chin.

Step 3.

Then, draw the skull structure part around his head and the design that bestows inside of it. Once you've done that, move onto the spiky hair. Make swift and outward strokes of your pencil to have the essence of the true “Ichigo” hair.

Step 4.

Next, move onto inner details that shape up this feature of the Vizard. Finish off the lining of teeth and eyes. Don't forget the signature markings that detail the right side of the skull.

Step 5.

Then, add the shoulders and the padding for the right arm.

Step 6.

Lastly, finish off polished details of the Bankai uniform. Be precise on where you add the wrinkles to make him look realistic.

Step 7.

You finally made it onto the line art! This is what your drawing should almost resemble. If you made a few mistakes, that's ok, you can always try it again! I really hope this tutorial has helped along with your artistic endeavors. Have fun with your   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 17, 2010
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Description: Hey guys this is Dawn here and I'm going to be submitting another lesson on a cool character from Bleach. Many people have requested this tutorial all over from DragoArt. You'll be learning ”how to draw Vizard step by step”. I know this tutorial may be alarming to some of you due to it seeming like this is based on Hollow Ichigo. The true meaning of “Hollow Ichigo” is actually called a Vizard. Vizards are shinigami that attain Hollow powers. It first starts off by Ichigo meeting a large group of Vizards. He fled to them to learn more about his form and become much stronger. Don't quote me on this because I'm not sure. From what I watched – piece by piece, it's what I sort of understand. It's much like Ichigo but just more awesome because of his awesome forms. There's actually tons of forms that these dead spirits transform into. You'd be surprised on how many there are in the Bleach universe. Anyways, I think our orange haired friend is the only soul reaper that can change into a Vizard. If I had a favorite on which form is best, it would have to be the released Hollow that Ichigo transforms into during the battle with Murcielago Ulquiorra. In this tutorial, there are step by step basics on drawing the half body of a Vizard. The drawing was prepped up during LiveStream as well as colored. I had a great time and so did everyone else. I missed my LiveStream session today due to a storm. I'll be on time for now on. Anyways, I really hope this tutorial will be pretty awesome for you to learn from. There was a lot of time put into this so you can enjoy it a whole more. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun! Don't forget to leave some feedback on how this has helped you. Peace out.