How To Draw Trunks

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Start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Trunks. Start by drawing an oval shape for his head with facial guidelines drawn down the middle. Now draw a straight line going across under his chin for his shoulders and round off    


Now here you will start to sketch out Trunks hair style. take your time and make sure you end up with what you see above. His hair style is almost heart shaped as you can see. Now start to sketch out the shape of his jacket and his pants which both a   


Now youare ready to start detailing his jacket. First thing I would do is sketch out his sword strap that comes around the front as shown. Now sketch out the opening of his jacket and his collar. Detail the sleeves with some simple crinkle lines and    


In this step you will sketch out the details on Trunks face like drawing out his eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and eyebrows. After you do that you will need to detail and define his collar and draw a shirt line under his neck. Detail his sleeves with mor   


All you will be doing here is add more details to his attire like sketching in his patch and sketching out his belt. Sketch in some more crinkle lines on the bottom of his pants and draw more lines on the tips of his shoes. End this step by erasing    


This is what your completed Trunks should look like when you are completely done drawing out your sketch. Just color him in and add him to your collection or submit your finished work on the site. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Truc   

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May 31, 2008

Description: This is another tutorial on a Dragon Ball Z character that is also on my top favorites list. The reason he is one of my favorites is because he is a quite character that has purple hair. Today you will be learning how to Draw Trunks from Dragon Ball Z. Trunks is of course a fictional character from the Dragon Ball series. He is the son of Bulma and Vegeta and they are from a race called Saiyans. If you are one of those kids or adults that has followed the story from the very beginning, I think most of you will remember that Trucks made his first appearance as an infant beginning in the Android Saga. When he first popped out from no where it was then revealed who he belonged to. As you know Trucks was seen a lot playing and hanging around his good friend Goten when they were teenagers. Ah, those are always the best days of your life when you hang with that one special friend that is almost like your brother or sister. Just being together acting goofy as possible telling all your secrets too and making plains for the future. I use to sit there with my friend and we used to say “when we grow up, if we ever lose contact with each other, we will always know where one another is at all times because you are my blood sister”. I remember those days like it was yesterday. That is exactly how Goten and Trunks felt about each other. There was actually an episode where Trunks and Goten tried to help Vegeta while he was in a battle with Majin Boo. The names for these characters are awesome. I personally think that the writers did a real good job because 10 years later I can still remember all their names and all there powers and abilities. As for Trunks he had a few abilities like controlling his Chi to fire off energy blast, when he combines himself with Goten the two become Gotenks (get it, Goten/ks as for trunks), anyway he can also turn into a Super Saiyan, and fly as well, no matter how you look at him he is an awesome character. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Trunks from dragon Ball Z step by step with detailed instructions like always. So, power and gather your energy for this tutorial on Trunks.

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