How To Draw Super Saiyan Vegeta

How To Draw Super Saiyan Vegeta
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With this first step you will first draw out the guidelines and shapes to form a nice frame for Vegeta. Start by drawing out the egg shaped head with facial guidelines sketched in. next draw out the shape of his torso which is pretty much boxed shape   


Now here in this step you will draw out the lines for his hair which right now looks like a bunch of twigs. Draw the Dracula hair lining as shown and then draw out the begining stages of his arms including muscles and all. Draw out this fist. Detail    


As you see your Vegeta is starting to take form. What you need to do here is start sketching out the shape of his eyes and eye brows as shown. Now move down a bit and draw and detail the breast plate of armor he has on. This will accentuate the chest   


Now you will start to draw out the tips of his wild looking hair. Then next draw out his eyes and ears as shown. After that all you really need to do is start detailing the vest top as well as his arms and muscles as shown to you here. After your ske   


Now all you have to do here is detail his hair by shading it in. Next detail his face a bit more by giving him some personality. Draw the nose and mouth. Detail the gloves a bot more as well as his legs and other red lines you see. Erase all the guid   


This is what your Dragon Ball Z character should look like when you are finally done. Just color him in and add him to your collection. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw Super Saiyan Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z step by step.

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May 31, 2008

In this next tutorial you will be learning how to draw another Dragon Ball Z character that I know everyone loves. Get ready to learn how to draw Super Saiyan Vegeta. I follow the Dragon Ball series and I have to say that I love all the characters that are a part of this anime cartoon. First off let’s talk about the meaning of the word Saiyan. Saiyan is a word that is used by anime artist that wrote the Dragon Ball Z story line. Of course it is just a fictional legend in this particular Manga series. The first appearance made by a Super Saiyan was by no other than Vegeta. The legend of the Super Saiyan was introduced in the series called the Freeza Saga. His real name is Prince Vegeta and he was debuted as the Prince of the Saiyans from a warrior planet also called Vegeta. Now, because Vegeta is from the Saiyan race, he possesses the ability to transform into many different powers, and these powers help enhance his abilities and alter his physical appearance. A form he is able to turn into is Oozaru, while being in this state his strength increases tremendously. Vegeta can use a technique called the Fusion Dance with Son Goku and together they become Gogeta. Because Vegeta has an urge to be better than everyone else, he is often seen being a rival rather than a friend or partner. After a while with being the “bad Vegeta”, he finally came around to being a friend or should I say joined the good side. Even though he remains on the side where he helps his other mates battle and so forth, he will always have a thirst to be the biggest and baddest of them all. If you remember correctly during the first series of Dragon Ball Z (the saga that featured Nappa and Raditz), Vegeta was actually the leader of a team called the Saiyan Elite. What this elite force tried to do was take over planet Earth and to obtain the 7 Dragon Balls, but in order to do this he must first battle Goku. While on Earth, Vegeta trains to become the strongest Saiyan in the universe. This is a fun tutorial for anybody to learn. If you like Dragon Ball Z you will love this tutorial on "<em>how to draw Super Saiyan Vegeta, step by step</em>". The instructions are detailed and well explained making this drawing a breeze to learn from. Have fun and stay safe.

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