How to Draw Tien

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First, you must always begin with drawing the basic framework to create the whole character. I recommend using a compass for the circles and a different colored pencil for the guides. This is because of the inability to notice what guidelines to eras   


Next, let's work on the frame of the face and then the arms. ALWAYS draw the head and work your way to the bottom. It works better like this because you'll create shapes in proportion to one another. By starting randomly in different areas; result in   


Then, let's work on the bulk of the body. We can't worry about minor details because it will cause you to wander off and drawing the rest of the body inaccurately. Draw the beginning details of the face and the fingers. Take your TIME to work on the    


Lastly, finish up with the minor details. Take your time drawing his face as it can be hard. Wrinkles in the clothing should only be place when there is a working force on them. The clothes the characters wear in this anime are very baggy and almost    


Aha! Here is what your final drawing should look like once you've proofed the finished piece. Erase the guides you drew from step one and prepare yourself for the inking and coloring! I prefer to use markers or colored pencils for accurate coloring.    

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November 6, 2010

Description: Whoa, hold the phone ya'll! Can you believe I haven't upload a lesson on “how to draw Tien”, step by step?! I mean seriously, out of all the DBZ characters, there has never been a tutorial to “draw Tien”. This character plays somewhat of a minor AND major role in most episodes. I consider him a weakling compared to Vegeta and Goku. Those two get the brunt of the screen time, which is pretty epic because they're uber awesome themselves! I actually have to re-draw the tutorials of Vegeta and Goku, mainly because they look really incorrect and strange. This drawing took me forever! I wanted to add an epic background for Tien so it gives him more uber coolness he lacks in the episodes. The tutorial layout will guide you easily so you can have him on your paper in no time! I'd like to express in words of my experience with this character in the episodes. (No I have not really MET him!). He has three eyes..he has Christmas colors to enhance the pwnage of his fandom of the holiday, and he really likes protecting his friends. I believe he had a battle with Goku before they became friends. I could be wrong and may be confused with the relationship between Goku and Piccolo. (Piccolo's epical!). Ha, so anyways, the drawing was immense fun, most because of the background and nifty clouds. Not sure how many times I'm going to repeat that. I want to spread my DBZ fandom to all of you in this epic tutorial to “draw Tien from Dragon Ball Z”. Well folks, I hope you'll have fun on this lesson! Thanks so much for viewing and have fun!

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