How to Draw Android 17

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Alright, you'll be needing to mold the foundation for Android 17. His body is in a battle ready stance, which is what we want. Get out a compass for drawing perfect circles an a light blue pencil for the guides. I suggest to draw the guides in a diff   


Then, let's move onto drawing the torso. The rest of the body will be complex to draw hence why we draw the head and torso first! It's important to draw the frame of the face first, before you move onto the minor details that create the essential cha   


Next, let's work on the hair. Before we jump into the rest of the body, we want to draw the rest of the head so proportions will flow along evenly. Once you've finished the hair, get to drawing the scarf like cloth wrapped around his neck. Finish off   


Lastly, sketch finishing details that make this character whole. The shoes might take you some time due to them seeming so box-like. The hands should be taken with patience and consistency on the fingers. Add the little hairs that detail the sproutin   


Ah, here is your final product! This is what you should end up with once you've proofed your drawing. Erase the guides you drew from step one and you're all set! Now you need to ink or color your new drawing! I prefer Micron ink pens to yield crisp a   

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November 6, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I'd like to introduce to you all with a fun lesson on a popular villain from 'Dragon Ball Z'. Personally, DBZ is my all time favorite anime until GT came out. GT was extremely horrid with very bad plotting. Anyways, in this tutorial you'll get the tips and tricks on “how to draw Android 17”, step by step. It's been two years and half since I've seen the episodes where Android 18,17, and 16 partied together to destroy the world. Their creator, Dr. Gero, also turned himself into an android so he can rule the world with his creations. Little did his robots know that another creation was made by their creator, Dr. Gero, to absorb the androids so it can become the ultimate being and dominate the world. You all know his name by 'Cell'. I've never made it through the entire Cell Saga but I definitely need to watch it as a midnight treat! The drawing was highly influenced from a series of images I saw on the DBZ wikia fan-site. I decided to render an art piece that brought out the true power of Android 17. He very much reminds me of Gaara from Naruto meshed with Orochimaru. His black hair bleeds through his awesome characteristic, which is evil, merciless, and dominant. He and his companions Android 18 and 16 slice through their opponents with ease. This part of the saga was the most dragging when I first seen it. I become totally hooked and kept ogling until I've reached the end and the beginning of the Cell Saga. Anyways, I have to scuttle onwards to my other lessons. There's one more DBZ character of the day I'd like to introduce to you folks. Thanks for viewing and good luck with this tut on "how to draw Android 17"!

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