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How To Draw The Odd Future Wolf Gang Logo

Artist: Earl_Sweatshirt / September 2, 2014
How To Draw The Odd Future Wolf Gang Logo

Step 1.

OK so first, you want to make the outline. It is simply just letters. ^_^

Step 2.

Now, you would like to start the drawing ^_^

Step 3.

Now, the logo has the letters OF (standing for odd future) in donut letters. So you want to put the icing on the donut! Literally! =3

Step 4.

Now you can erase your outline CX

Step 5.

At this point you are almost done! Now to COLOR!!!!

Step 6.

Next you need to color the icing. Odd future has pink icing! n n

Step 7.

The last and most important step; SPRINKLES!!! Make sure they are dark blue. And then you're done!! Have a great day!

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Artist: Earl_Sweatshirt
Date Added: September 2, 2014
Steps: 7
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Description: This is my first tutorial! OK so here I have for the logo for the amazing OFWGKTADGAFLL group! For short though it is Odd Future. ^_^