How to Draw the Eiffel Tower

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In this first step you will be drawing the frame of the Eiffel tower which is very simple and short. Starting at the top draw a straight line that ends with a vertical line. Then under the vertical line draw another, and draw two slanted lines along    


Now in this step you will be drawing out the actual shape of the Eiffel tower. Starting at the top draw the antenna or flag pole and work your way down as shown above. The Eiffel tower starts off narrow and widens as it reaches the bottom into four w   


Now in this step which is step 3, you will be drawing the detailing of the metal structure as shown above. The best way to see the detailing that needs to be drawn out is to click on the step to enlarge the image. After you do that you will be able    


Like I said there is going to be line art that needs to be drawn out that is very time consuming, and this is the step where it starts. If you are sketching on paper you will have an easier time drawing the different lining of the Eiffel tower. This    


In this last step which is step 5 you will be sketching out the rest of the structures details. And this step is also going to be a bit time consuming as well. You have to sit there and draw out all the bars that run across the top of the Eiffel towe   


And this is what your tower should look like when you are completely done. If you take your time and pay close attention to the detailing in this drawing then your work should come out looking great. That will conclude this tutorial on how to draw th   

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March 17, 2008

Description: This tutorial today is going to be of a structure that I want to visit one day before I die. What is this structure you ask? Well, knowing that if you are reading this you already know what structure I’m talking about, the Eiffel Tower in Paris France. I'm going to show you "how to draw the Eiffel Tower", but first let's learn about some fun facts about this amazing structure. This massive structure was built on March 31, 1889 in celebration for the French Revolution. To date that would make the Eiffel Tower 118 years old today, that’s pretty old, I’d say, older than most elderly people. Paris contracted Gustave Eiffel & Cie after being chosen from 700 proposals submitted in a design competition to build the enormous monument. A fellow named Stephen Sauvestre was the buildings architect. Works began on the Eiffel Tower in 1887 and was complete in 1889, which is a total of 2 years. It took a total of 2,518,038 pieces of metal, iron, and steel combined to build the giant with a total weight of 10,100 tons, WOW. The Eiffel tower has a total of 1,665 steps and has had over 200 million visitors from all over the world. It is also the most recognizable structure in the entire world. The tower is 1,063 feet high with a 79 foot flag pole. An interesting fact about the Eiffel tower is that when the tower was finished, Gustave Eiffel engraved seventy-two names of French scientists, engineers and other notable people along the tower. The Eiffel tower has been a part of personal goals set out by adventurers, like in 1923 a brave journalist rode his bicycle down the side of the first level, in 1954 a mountaineer decided to climb the 1,000 foot structure, and in 1984, two Englishmen decided to take a leap, and parachuted off the very top of the structure. The Eiffel tower has three tiers, on the first tier there is an expensive restaurant, the Jules Verne is on the second tier, and at the top there is a bar, souvenir shop, and the office of Gustave Eiffel. That is all cool, but do you think there should be a bar at the top of the tower? I mean what if someone decides to get suicidal or obtain some liquid courage and decide he can survive if he jumped. All in all the tower is definitely a major tourist attraction, to see something that massive must be an awesome experience. So in honor of the Eiffel towers massiveness, this tutorial will teach you "how to draw the Eiffel Tower", step by step. The instructions are simple to understand and read like always. Have fun and please, save a spot for me.

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