How to draw Soul from Soul eater

Artist: SilentNeko / March 18, 2013
How to draw Soul from Soul eater

Step 1.

First get a rough sketch of his headband. Do not be to focused on details at the moment, more details will be added in later on.

Step 2.

Now from the base of his head band draw out his hair. His hair is spiked and is fairly easy to draw out. Make sure that your lines are not too dark in case of needing to redraw certain areas. also draw in the outline of the sticker on his headband th   

Step 3.

Now draw out his face and shoulder. Getting the shape of his head may be a little tough because of the way that it is angled.

Step 4.

Draw out his other shoulder. Draw out action lines where his eyes will be, these are not fully necessary but it will help get his eyes even with one another.

Step 5.

Now it is time to draw out his eyes. His eyes are sort of rectangular shapes that are curved. Make sure that you are not drawing out your lines too dark this step may get a little tricky. Also make lines for his eyebrows.

Step 6.

Now draw out circular shapes for his pupils. As to his mouth, make sure that you remember the small little dent near the bottom of his mouth where it looks like he is drooling slightly at the moment do not draw the teeth in his mouth.

Step 7.

Now add in his nose, pupils, and teeth. Remember that soul has jagged like teeth witch may come off as a little bit strange but over all makes the charter all the more original. Also do not forget to add in details around his eyes.

Step 8.

Now is a matter of just simply going back and making certain areas darker and cleaning up your lines.

Step 9.

From there starts the shading, shade in areas around his face. It may be a little bit more useful to lightly draw out the spots that are going to be shaded in weather it be within the face or within the clothing of the charter.

Step 10.

Now there is really nothing left to do but finish up with shading in the rest of the charter. After finishing up with shading you are done.

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