How to draw Sawako Kuronuma from kimi ni todoke

Artist: SilentNeko / May 26, 2013
How to draw Sawako Kuronuma from kimi ni todoke

Step 1.

First off I drew out her hair and the outline of her face. I always stress drawing your lines lightly, in case of mistakes made in the early stages of the image. Therefor there will be a few reminders here and there. It may be easier for you to draw    

Step 2.

now it after getting the base sketch out of the way it is time to add in her eyes. her eyes sort of have a weird curve to them, so you are going to need to be a little bit careful if you want to get them the way you like. add in her eyebrows lightly    

Step 3.

now add in her nose and mouth this does not need to be perfect, you can always tweak it to your liking. also add in details in her eyes, lightly add in small circles for the shiny spots in her eyes, and half moon like shapes for further detail.

Step 4.

now it is time to add in details within her eyes. Lightly shade in her eyes. be careful not to go over the spots that need to remain white.

Step 5.

now darken the nessisary space in her eyes, she has a area on the tops of her eyes that need to stay white. be careful when it comes to this this part in her eyes is easy to miss.

Step 6.

ok so now its time to move onto her hair, witch is not really all to hard to shade in this given picture, but in other images where her black hair really shows up it is going to take more time to make sure each section is dark enough. lightly draw o   

Step 7.

shade in the rest of her hair, make sure to darken the sections of hair that need to be darker.

Step 8.

add in other shadows on her face and the blush on her cheeks, darken your lines where you need them and clean up others. After you make minor perfections your finished.

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Artist: SilentNeko
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Description: So I have a little time to kill before I need to be any where and I haven't really posted to much recently so therefor here is a semi quick tutorial. Manga description: Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine for a horror movie. with jet black hair sinister smile and silent demeanor, she is often mistaken for Sadako, the haunting movie charter