How to draw Rika from Higurashi

Artist: SilentNeko / February 19, 2013
How to draw Rika from Higurashi

Step 1.

First lightly sketch out her bangs. This may be a little bit of a frustrating proses considering her bangs look like they are all over the place and un even. Make sure that you are not making your lines to dark, if you make your lines too dark it is    

Step 2.

Now draw out her face. This does not need to be perfect you can always go back and reshape the face in case you don't like the way it was drawn out. Remember to keep your lines light.

Step 3.

Add on the hair that is around her face, this may come a little bit more easy then her bangs.

Step 4.

Draw in her neck and shoulders, this step is relatively easy and only really takes a moment or so to draw out. Once again do not forget to keep your lines light in case of mistakes.

Step 5.

Now it is time to start drawing her eyes. Don't be too concentrated on detail at the moment this will be added on later. To help you get her eyes even with one another lightly draw the action lines across her face, make sure that the action lines are   

Step 6.

Now draw in her eye brows and the lines above her eyes. This gives her more charter and makes her look more friendly. However to those who have watched the show you would know that she is not always this friendly looking. Also don't forget her nose a   

Step 7.

Now starts the shading. Start with the tops of her eyes and make the line darker, along with the bottom of her eyes as well. also add on where her eyes are shiny, there is one larger round area and one small circular dot. Lightly sketch out where the   

Step 8.

Draw in the tiny crescent moon looking area of her eyes. To make the tight squeeze in the area given you may want to consider using a mechanical pencil to get into the smaller areas of her eyes.

Step 9.

Now start shading in her hair, don't worry about the lighter areas of her hair at this moment only concentrate on the darker areas of her hair. It may be useful to draw out where the shadows on her hair are just like on her face.

Step 10.

Now start into the lighter areas of her hair. Across the top of her head she has the classic area that makes her hair look more shiny. be careful not to shade to dark in that pacific area.

Step 11.

Now shade in the lighter area of her hair. Make sure that you do not shade In to dark on the area that runs across the top of her hair making her hair look more shiny.

Step 12.

Finally after finishing shading in her hair and face all that is left to do is her eyes. Her eyes should not take that long to shade in. The crescent shape area of her eye that you drew out earlier will be lighter then the rest of her eye make sure t   

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