How to Draw Rukia

Artist: Dawn / November 18, 2008

Step 1.

OK, first off we are going to begin this step with the basic frame of Rukia. This means draw the the V neck looking lines at neck line. This is going to be the area where the two pieces of cloth meet. Also draw the beginning line of the sword near th   

Step 2.

Now, we are going to draw more detail of the Shinigami Rukia. Add some of the wrinkles in the clothing as well as the features of her face. Her eyes are like the shapes of square-like lemons. When you are finished with that, start drawing out the det   

Step 3.

Ok now we will start off this step with adding more wrinkles in the lower Shinigami robe part. This step also includes to draw the rest of the foot. What I love about drawing Bleach characters is that they wear ninja sandals. This means you don't rea   

Step 4.

Finally, this is where we finish off the rest of Rukia! I bet you can't wait because your probably exhausted by drawing the hard stuff. In this step we will draw the rest of the wrinkles in the clothing as well as the rest of the ninja sandals. After   

Step 5.

Well my peeps, this is the line art of Rukia. This is what she should look like after you've finished off those steps. I know the beginning of the tutorial was challenging. With practice you should most definitely have the outcome of this! I really h   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 18, 2008
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Description: Hey what’s going on members and fans!? I have another special and awesome character to submit today! This character has short black hair, a serious face, and wears the clothing of a Soul Reaper. This awesome tutorial will be on "how to draw Rukia" Kuchiki, from Bleach. I know there are a lot of fans that love this anime and manga series. I wanted to make this tutorial better than the rest! I’ve seen some other Rukia tutorials and thought to myself that they’re pretty crappy. What I don’t understand is why Naruto is so much popular then Bleach. It’s pretty weird. I mean Bleach is way better then that show. When I first seen this show, I tried to find tutorials on how to draw Bleach characters. I found some tutorials on them but they were really amateurish. The very first character I made a tutorial on from Bleach was Renji Abarai. I looked back at that tutorial and it doesn’t look as good as the new art I’ve been doing. I think I’ll try to fix that tutorial later. Anyways, let’s talk about the second main character, Rukia. She’s smart, very serious, has a lone demeanor, and is a quiet person in some situations. Rukia was introduced in the Bleach series during the beginning of episode one. She comes across a mortal human named Ichigo who can see spirits. Rukia is from the Soul Society. She was sent on a mission to kill three hollows that were lurking in Karakura town. When she killed one of the hollows, Ichigo spotted her. He saw the whole fight that was invisible to others that couldn’t see spirits. Rukia gave Ichigo her Shinigami powers to save their lives and his family. This is because a hollow injured Rukia badly and nearly killed Ichigo’s whole family. It’s kinda hard to explain EVERYTHING because I’m here to right a small biography about Rukia in this tutorial. So anyways, it took me a while to draw this image and tutorial. I put a lot of effort into this sketch so it would end up looking really cool. I know a lot of people out there request awesome and entertaining tutorials for their taste. I’ve been trying to make those tutorials for them to quench. Anyhow, I hope you will enjoy this tutorial on how to draw Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach! Have fun my awesome visitors and members!!