How to Draw Predator, Alien

Artist: Dawn / July 2, 2008

Step 1.

Lets start this first step with the basic guidelines and shapes of the Predator. Start by drawing a round circle for the head and then some facial guidelines that go across the lower portion of his face. Next draw out the shaping of his torso as show   

Step 2.

What you might want to do first is enlarge the image here so you can get a good look at what guidelines are need to be drawn next. You will start this step drawing out all the hair strands shown. Right now they look like skeleton fingers. Now using t   

Step 3.

In this step you will need to do the same thing you did in the previous step which is enlarge the image to see the step lining in detail. You will now work on sketching out the face of the Predator which is very creepy and scary. First draw out the s   

Step 4.

Now in this step which is step four you will be sketching out and detailing his staff which is also used as a weapon. His staff is long narrow and has two cupped hooks in the mid top of the staff. Now detail and define his wrist band armor and detail   

Step 5.

Like I said erase all the guidelines and shapes at this point before you move any further becasue the step after this will be on shading. You need to draw out the curled lines for his suit and then draw out all the lines on his chest which is a net    

Step 6.

All you will do here is shade in all the areas you see shaded in here. On top of the head is shaded in lighter then the darker parts of the Predator as well as some parts of his chest is lighter than other parts. Just follow the shading as you see he   

Step 7.

This is what your finished sketch of the Predator should look like when you are completely done. As you can see even though it was a long drawing process if you took your time you should have a nice finished product. That will end this tutorial on ho   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 2, 2008
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Description: Welcome back folks to another fun filled tutorial that I know you will all be sure to love. In this next drawing sketch I will show you how to draw an alien character from one of my all time favorite movies, the Predator. Now the character is from a movie named Predator that was released in 1987 which was directed by the very popular James Cameron. Now the Predator aliens are hunters that travel the universe to collect the skulls of dangerous humans and other aliens. Other words they are trophy hunters. Now while the Predator species is on earth in Val Verde he silently tracks down and hunts the humans that are wondering around in the forest which happens to be a unit from the United States Army Special Forces Group. The soldiers consist of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers who played Apollo Creed from the Rocky series, Jessie Ventura the former wrestler and Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, and other unnamed actors that where also a part of the Special Forces Unit. This team of elite soldiers were originally sent there to rescue presidential cabinet ministers kidnapped by guerilla forces. As the Predator picks of the soldiers one by one, only Arnold is left to defeat this highly skilled warrior. The design of the Predator was by artist Stan Winston and the actor that plays the part of the alien species in both Predator 1 and 2 is Kevin Peter Hall who also played the Sasquatch in Harry and the Henderson’s. He stood 7 feet 2 inches tall which made him a perfect candidate for the part. The Predator species appearance is very distinguishable, they are much taller than humans, and they have arthropod like mandibles, and long thick skin like pieces hanging from their head which is suppose to be hair. They have incredible resistance towards damage and they are capable of rejuvenating themselves from gunshot wounds and other injuries from battle. They spill blood that is neon green and they also are able to conceal themselves by turning invincible. In the movie Alien Vs Predator they somewhat worked with the humans in order to take out the Alien species from taking over the world. The sequel to AVP was AVP: Requiem which was also good but I liked the first one better after a long self debate. I think the design of this monstrous character is simply brilliant and unique. They really did make them look like a warrior/predator from another planet and the name suits them perfectly. In this neat tutorial I will show you "how to draw Predator", step by step in detail. The instructions will help make the process a lot easier for you to understand and learn from. I hope you find this tutorial informative and fun. I will see you all later.