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How to Draw Pink Panther

Artist: Dawn / May 29, 2009
How to Draw Pink Panther

Step 1.

Step one: "how to draw Pink Panthers body" frame. Start with a egg shaped circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the body lines as you see here to make a frame for your pink feline.

Step 2.

Now as you see all you have to do is draw out Pink Panthers snout which is the bridge of his nose, bottom mouth shape and the two lips or jowls.

Step 3.

Wow look at what your character is starting to look like. Neat huh? Anyways, start sketching out the shape of his head and then draw out Pink Panthers ears, round eyes, nose line and whiskers. You will then draw out the shape of his neck and then the   

Step 4.

Finish drawing out the shape of his arms, hands and fingers as seen here.

Step 5.

You will now start drawing out the mid-section of the Pink Panthers body which is the torso, stomach, upper thigh, and tail. Make sure you include the marking line that separates his stomach from the rest of the body.

Step 6.

You will finish up this tutorial on "how to draw the Pink Panther" step by step. Draw out the rest of the leg shapes and then the oblong feet. Erase all the guidleines and shapes that you drew in step one and then move to the finished product.

Step 7.

This is what your drawing should look like when you are done. Color him in pink and then you are done. I hope you guys liked learning "how to draw Pink Panther" step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 29, 2009
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Description: A sly panther is a cool panther, and a cool panther is an animal you don't want to mess with. This next character that I am about to show you how to draw is from the animated world from the past and even present. He was created before my time but made a big comeback during my time. If you are wondering who I am talking about all you have to do is look at the image that is attached to this tutorial. Yes that's right, I will be teaching you “how to draw Pink Panther” step by step. The Pink Panther was created back in 1963 by a gentleman named “Blake Edwards” and ran as a bunch of comedy films that was developed like a series. One of the popular characters in the series was a French police detective named “Jacques Clouseau”. The animated series was created because the feline in the opening credits of the feature film became increasingly popular with the public. So what was a studio to do? Yup, make an animated series out of the Pink Panther, and Inspector Jacques Clouseau. It was a hit and the more people watched, the more in love people became with the pink colored feline. Pink Panther was a sly cat that always seemed to trick the inspector whenever he was on a case. I only watched a few episodes myself but my parents grew up watching the show and they told me that it was hilarious. In the year of 1969, the Pink Panther cartoon series aired on NBC every Saturday morning. Did you know that the “Pink Panther” was not originally a feline? It's true, the story was about a rare pink colored diamond that was called pink panther. Anyway I love the way this cartoon character came out because it conveys just how sly the panther was and still is in the series. Learning “how to draw the Pink Panther” is easy and full of fun. I shall return with one more tutorial for you all. In the mean time sit back and relax with your pencil and paper. Peace out people!