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How to Draw Pink Chilbi Bird Easy

Artist: AmazingEiffel / September 1, 2013
How to Draw Pink Chilbi Bird Easy

Step 1.

Be sure to draw these eyes close together, but not to close. We will be doing the beak next so draw the eyes with enough room to draw the beak.

Step 2.

Draw the beak with straight lines. (always draw in middle of her eyes) Draw her head like a small mound of sand.

Step 3.

Now we are drawing her pupils, draw them the same size. Then when you are done with that draw the three twinkles in each eye. These do not have to be the same size. (Draw them any size you want)Now her eyes are done! (Please note not to draw the iris   

Step 4.

Now lets move onto her body. This step is very simple, just draw three straight lines. (Try to get them to be the same length)

Step 5.

Now we draw her wings, this part is super easy, just draw two straight lines on each side of her tummy. (Be sure to draw in middle of stomach) Then we do her legs, Draw to long straight lines and then three lines for her toes on each foot.

Step 6.

And now last but not least her bow! Just draw three small circles atop her head. (remember, this can be optional)

Step 7.

And now she is finished! I am sure you did a fantastic job! (Sorry if the final picture doesn't look like the advertising picture, I'm still learning how to do this) Thanks for drawing!

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Artist: AmazingEiffel
Date Added: September 1, 2013
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Description: This bird is one of my signature drawings. ( I used to draw her on an old website) Whenever I draw her she always has her bow on. You can choose if you draw the bow or not. Be sure to label it Chrissy, ('Cause that's her name) she also has a friend, Peppy, I will soon be doing a tut for her as well. Happy Drawing!