How to Draw Pedro, Napoleon Dynamite

Artist: Dawn / January 11, 2012

Step 1.

Let's start by drawing the basic guidelines for Pedro. I always start my drawings with the basic frame shape before I move onto the actual form of the body and other intricate detailing. It's best to try to draw these as accurate as possible in order   

Step 2.

Now, sketching the face shape and then the hair is pretty essential. ALWAYS start with drawing the face shape before the hair and ear. Afterwards, you can draw the receding hairline and move onto the outer shape of it.

Step 3.

Then, let's draw the eyes first, then the nose. Pedro has droopy eyes which a key trait of his character. The nostrils should be drawn flared and the middle expanded within the nostril frames.

Step 4.

To finish off the face, sketch the mouth which has clearly visible buck teeth and the fat lower lip. Pedro is of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent so his features will be much more enlarged than Caucasians.

Step 5.

Now, moving forward and onto the clothing, we will begin drawing the collar of the shirt, which flares outwards at each end. Then, work on the sleeves as well as the arms.

Step 6.

Finish the clothing by sketching the shape of the individual pockets first, then the details which lather it. The finishing move would be to draw the separating line that goes with the shirt, as well as the buttons.

Step 7.

After all is drawn, you should have something that resembles this. Use an ink pen or brush pen for the thick lines, and try to vary your line weights. Varying your lines will create a much more appealing look and doesn't distract the eye from the ent   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Here's another addition to the Napoleon Dynamite fanbase, we'll be drawing Pedro! Quench your fantistical thirst for Pedro in this tut!