How to draw One Direction Logo

Artist: skatefreek / April 20, 2012

Step 1.

First, draw a simple half-rectangle, half oval. Make it as dark as you want, this tutorial has no guidelines that you need to follow.

Step 2.

Draw two simple rectangles, one at the top, one in the bottom-middle.

Step 3.

Now, draw a "1" and a capital "D", this is actually SORT OF a guideline, so just draw it a little lighter than everything else.

Step 4.

Just draw a tall but stubby arrow in the middle of the "D".

Step 5.

Finally, use the original 1 and D and kind of make it look cracked(from my perspective, that is what it looks like). Congrats! Color it and hang it on your wall, because I know most of you will.

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Artist: skatefreek
Date Added: April 20, 2012
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Description: This has become a very popular band since '11 so I decided to make their logo. It's pretty simple so you don't need much skill to do it.