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How to Draw Molly from Timmy Failure

Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow / November 12, 2017
How to Draw Molly from Timmy Failure

Step 1.

Molly always starts with the letter "c". Her nose is different. Right in the middle of her face.

Step 2.

She got two big round eyes, just like the other characters, except she has mismatched pupils. That makers her look a little bit odd.

Step 3.

then She got all this curly hair. It sticks out of the sides and her face like that. Like Rollo, her hair sticks high on her head.

Step 4.

Then, she got a round chin.

Step 5.

She got a big smile. She's probably the happiest of all the characters in Timmy Failure.

Step 6.

Her body is a lot like Timmy's, except she doesn't wear pants.

Step 7.

Add her skinny little legs. There is Molly.

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Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow
Date Added: November 12, 2017
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Tags: how to draw timmy failure characters
Description: Credit from Stephan Pastis.