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How to Draw Corrina from Timmy Failure

Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow / November 12, 2017
How to Draw Corrina from Timmy Failure

Step 1.

Timmy thinks she's really snobby, so I draw her nose sorta sticking up in the air. She's the only character that has that, so she looks sorta stuck up.

Step 2.

and then with the eyes, I like to make her look arrogant or bored, so her eyelids droop real low. You can barely see her eyes.

Step 3.

and then her hair sorta frames her head like this. She looks little bit like Lucy from Peanuts. Color her hair black and give her a little bow at the top.

Step 4.

and then her chin.

Step 5.

I like to make her look totally disinterested. Give her a little smirk like that.

Step 6.

Then she's got the top of her dress, a little collar to it.

Step 7.

I like to put her hands on her hips to make her look even more smug.

Step 8.

A couple of buttons on her shirt.

Step 9.

Now, her little skirt. Color that black, too.

Step 10.

Her skinny little legs. There is Timmy's arch rival, Corrina Corrina.

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Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow
Date Added: November 12, 2017
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Tags: how to draw timmy failure characters
Description: Credit from Stephan Pastis.