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How to Draw Timmy from Timmy Failure

Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow / November 6, 2017
How to Draw Timmy from Timmy Failure

Step 1.

In the center of your page, draw a lowercase letter "u". This will be Timmy's nose.

Step 2.

Add a couple of "o's" to each side of that "u", then fill in the pupils.

Step 3.

Now you just need a letter "c" for one of his ears, and a backwards "c" for his other ear.

Step 4.

For his hair, just flick your pen over and over and over. His hair kinda sticks up funny.

Step 5.

Finish the bottom of his face.

Step 6.

Timmy always wears a scarf, and it's always flying in the air.

Step 7.

Then he's got his T-shirt, his arms, and his hands. His hands generally have only three fingers - sometimes four.

Step 8.

Now draw his shorts, which I color in black.

Step 9.

Add his skinny little legs, then his shoes. Some people ask me "Why doesn't he have a mouth?". The reason why is if I draw it, he looks really funny.

Step 10.

Let me show you what it looks like. He just looks foolish, so I don't like how that looks.

Step 11.

Thus, I don't use the mouth, let's make Timmy normal again. There, mouth gone. OK, that's Timmy.

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Artist: TheTimmyFailureShow
Date Added: November 6, 2017
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Tags: how to draw timmy failure characters
Description: Credit from Stephan Pastis.