How to Draw Mistletoe

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Start this first step by drawing out four lines for the sticks of the mistletoe. On the sticks draw some connecting branches and the shape of the knot for the ribbon.


In this next step you will start drawing or adding the rounded leaf shapes of the mistletoe as you see here. There is a total of five leaves here in this step and you will also thicken the stems below the bow. Speaking of bows, make the two bow shape   


This is your last drawing step so what you will do is finish drawing out the leaves and add in the middle line that details them. Once that is done draw out and detail the ribbon and bottom stems. Erase any visible guidelines that you drew in step on   


Once you are done this is what your drawing should come out looking like. All you have to do now is color it in. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw mistletoe or how to draw cartoon mistletoe step by step.

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November 20, 2008

Description: Are you ready for another drawing tutorial on a holiday object? I hope so because this is my third tutorial and with it you will learn how to draw mistletoe step by step. Mistletoe is a plant that is used mainly during the Christmas holiday season. But did you ever wonder where these green leafy looking branches came from or what they are exactly? Well to tell you the truth mistletoe belongs to a group of parasitic plants that grow on a variety of host trees. Mistletoe grows in clumps and they attach themselves to branches almost like the way ivy does to buildings, walls, fences, and other trees. But we don’t associate this plant as being a parasite; instead we look at the mistletoe as a pleasant part of the holiday season which we hang on beams, doorways, and even ceilings. This custom has been going on for decades that were originated by the Scandinavians. The custom that people participate with is very simple; any two people who meet under a hanging bunch of mistletoe are supposed to join together and exchange a kiss. But this plant is not only used for Christmas, in Europe mistletoe is used to treat circulatory and respiratory problems as well as some cancers. But the most important part that mistletoe plays is that during Christmas. They are bunched together in a wrap of red ribbon and hung in the doorways as they await a couple to kiss under their leaves. This tutorial will show you how to draw mistletoe step by step. I wanted this sketch to be as easy as possible, so if you like you can also say that you will be learning how to draw cartoon mistletoe step by step. I will be back with more online drawing lessons so stay tuned y’all I shall return.

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