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How to Draw a Christmas Elf

Artist: Dawn / November 20, 2008
How to Draw a Christmas Elf

Step 1.

Okay start this first step by drawing out a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a long curl for his hat line and then the shape of his small rectangle like body. After that make two stick like legs and feet.

Step 2.

In this next drawing step you will start drawing out the actual line of the bottom of his face and then using the facial guidelines the wide "U" line for his bottom lip. Once that is done make two eye lines and then his pointed elf like ears. Draw ou   

Step 3.

Step three is filled with fun. What you will do first is draw out the shape of his Christmas like elf hat and the give him some shaded pupils. Once that is done give him a nose, tongue and inside ear definition. Make the lining for his shirt detail a   

Step 4.

Guess what kiddies? You have made it to your last step. All you will do is draw out the strips on his hat and then a ball tip. Draw eyeball lines and then detail his clothes like the shirt collar, and wrist cuffs. Finish drawing out his shoes and the   

Step 5.

Well here you have it, your very own cartoon looking Christmas elf. All you have to do now is color him in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on How to Draw a Christmas Elf step by step as much as I did. I will be back guys with some more awesome draw   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 20, 2008
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Description: Wow! It seems like it’s taking me forever just to submit today’s tutorials. That may be because there are a total of seven that will be going up. I thought that I would keep the Christmas spirit going by doing a drawing lesson on how to draw a Christmas elf step by step. Now I know that most of you guys are familiar with these little people. They are the helpers and friends of Santa Clause and they are said to reside in the North Pole in their Christmas community. Christmas elves are extremely adorable and fun to draw because you can literally make them any shape and size you want. With the one I am going to show you how to draw, I made him look like a cartoon Christmas elf. One of my favorite Christmas comedies is about an elf named Buddy and he comes from the North Pole but sadly must one day get directed to go live in New York City which is where he came from. This movie is called “Elf” which stars the very funny Will Ferrell. I absolutely love “Elf”, not only is he incredibly stupid, he is funny as well. The way he approaches James Caan is probably what gets the movies started in its roller coaster of fun. Christmas elves are the ones that build all the toys in the world for all the boys and girls that celebrate this joyous holiday. This tutorial will show you how to draw a very cute Christmas elf or if you like how to draw a cartoon Christmas elf step by step. I will be back with one more lesson so keep you eyes open and your hands ready for more drawing fun in a bit.