How to Draw Meow Meow, Epic Battle Fantasy

Artist: Oblivion / March 6, 2012

Step 1.

Start with an oval for the head. Next, draw a body somewhat similar to a stick figure (see the picture). Draw a long line ending in a triangle for his sword. Sorry, the rest of the triangle got cut off.

Step 2.

Begin drawing his face. He has no pupils, so draw two circles. Draw two triangles for his ears. Add detail to the ear on the left. Draw his mouth, and his three sharp teeth. Add a rectangle under his head make his cape.

Step 3.

Let's start on his cape. His cape is all torn and tattered, so add some rips and holes. Connect it to the rectangle from Step 2. Now would also be an appropriate time to add the tail. Make a basic curve to form it.

Step 4.

Start the body. His legs are stubby little rectangles. Draw them around the "Stick Body" from Step 1. Follow through and draw his chest and arms (he really doesn't have a chest, so draw his "Chest Area"), which are round little stubs.

Step 5.

TIme for the fun part. THE SWORD!!!! Kids love swords... and cats! The perfect combo!!!! Add a larger rectangle around the long line from Step 1. Make the end triangle bigger, and make the lower end sharp and damaged.

Step 6.

Now just erase the guidlines from Step 1, and PRESTO!!!! You are done!

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Artist: Oblivion
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Description: This is Meow Meow. He is an epic cat with a giant sword. What more do you want?