How To Draw An Earth Elemental From Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Artist: Oblivion / March 15, 2012

Step 1.

Remember Step 1 of my Ice Elemental tutorial? Well this isn't much different. Draw the following lines. Look carefully at the picture. Endone of the lines in an oval, which will become the eye.

Step 2.

Let's form the head. In the oval from Step 1, shade in the corners of his eye. Add a large, bent horn on his forehead. Use lots of jagged shards of rock for his teeth. (NOTE: his mouth is closed!). Draw a "mane" of jagged rock behind his head.

Step 3.

Time to form his back and shoulder. Draw large spikes around the guidelines. Connect his head to the spikes. Add a small gem where his back meets the spike.

Step 4.

Begin his blade. Draw a long, jagged sword to do this. Add another gem on the sword. Add some plating on the sword. You are ready to move on.

Step 5.

Time to get complex! Draw legs similar to an Ice Elemental, or just use a straight edge for his legs. His right arm is a cannon, so draw one. His just are oval-shaped stones stacked on top of each other. Remember to add a gem on his legs.

Step 6.

Erase the lines from Step 1 to finish. If you like the Elemental tutorials, the Ice Elemental is also available. Fire Elemental tutorial coming soon. Goodbye!

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Artist: Oblivion
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Description: This is an Elemental, but it is EARTH, not Ice.