How To Draw Kid Gohan

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In this first step you will start drawing out the shapes and guidelines of young Gohan. Start by drawing a circle for his head with facial guidelines drawn in. Now draw out the shape of his torso which is just a simple square. From the shapes you jus   


Now what you will start to do is sketch out the outlines for his hair. This is simple to do its just a series of jagged strokes that make what you see now. Next draw out the shape of his right ear and his small nose. Continue on to draw the shape of   


Now here in this step you will start to draw out the shape of his legs and boots. First draw two small lines for his arm muscles as shown. Than what you will do next is draw out the thickness of his legs and continue on to draw the shape and style of   


In this 4th step you will finish drawing out the hair style as shown. Then start drawing out his thick eyebrows and the shapes of his eyes along with his high cheek bones. Give him a growling mouth and detail his nose. Next move down a bit and start    


After all your guidelines and sketch marks have been erase you drawing should come out looking like this. All you have left to do is color him in and add Gohan to the other drawings you drew. That will do it for this tutorial on how to draw young Goh   

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June 5, 2008

Description: Hello and welcome to the website for tutorials that you demand! My name is Dawn and I’m going to show you through these easy steps on how to draw the cute, brave and powerful half Saiyan Gohan. In this tutorial we are drawing the kid version of Gohan. Some other time I will draw the adult version of Gohan. For now we will get into the history and opinions of Gohan. This half Saiyan is the first son of Goku and Chi Chi. He was first brought up to study most of his time and to never train in fighting. Gohan was always curious about the fighting his father was involved in but, his mother forbids him. Gohan and his father Goku have a strong and forever lasting relationship with each other. Later on in Dragon Ball Z, they fight together against evil threats and rivals. Gohan was first taught his fighting skills by the Namekian, Piccolo. He stole Gohan for a year to train and become a powerful fighter just like his father Goku. Later on in the Dragon Ball Z episodes during the Cell Saga, Goku takes Gohan with him to a time chamber in the sky temple to train. This time chamber converts a day into a year. During that time Gohan was taught by his father to become a Super Saiyan. Indeed he achieved his goal and further in the Dragon Ball Z series, Gohan beyond the Super Saiyan level and defeated Cell. I love the parts in these episodes when one of the Dragon Ball character ascends further into a more extremely powerful warrior. It sometimes gets ridiculous because they keep ascending to unbelievable powers. I laugh a lot whenever they make these impossibilities. But that’s the whole point of fiction right?! Well anyways, Gohan is also my favorite character in the Dragon Ball Z series. I first drew out this cutie using my Wacom Intuos3 tablet while using my Adobe Photoshop CS computer program. After that I color and shade him. Later on I make the drawing into a tutorial and post it on DragoArt. So I hope this tutorial helps! Have fun drawing Gohan! Once a Dragon Ball Z fan, always a fan!

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