How to Draw Kiba

Artist: Dawn / February 20, 2009

Step 1.

Start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes to form a frame for Kiba as seen here. You will first draw a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Once you have done this you can draw the connecting lines for his tors   

Step 2.

Here in the second step you will start drawing out the shape of his body as shown to you here and make sure when you do this the lining is bit wrinkled to show detail to his clothes. Next, draw out the shaping of his face and then draw out the shape   

Step 3.

You are now on your third step which means you are almost done. What you will do next is draw out the shape of his hair style and then the lining for his arms. His hands are in his pockets so you don't have to worry about those being exposed. Once th   

Step 4.

You will finish drawing out the spiky style of his hair and then finish off his face. Next draw out the ears for the dog head he wears around his neck and then add some definition to his jacket. Finish off his legs and feet and then move to the next    

Step 5.

You have now reached your last drawing step and as you can see all you will be doing is adding detail and definition to some parts of Kiba's body. You will first draw the hood around the back of his head and then draw in the doggie face. Next detail    

Step 6.

Once you’re done and your work has been cleaned up you should end up with a drawing that looks like the one you see here. Finish it off by coloring this Naruto character in. You have just learned How to Draw Kiba Inuzuka from Naruto step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 20, 2009
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Description: I hope you all liked the first lesson of the day that I submitted for you all on how to draw an anime cartoon kitty step by step. This next tutorial is going to be on "how to draw Kiba Inuzuka, step by step". This character was requested by a member and because I said I eventually fill all requests, here is this one that you see before you now. I like the anime/manga show Naruto and I know many of the members that come to DragoArt like the series as well. Lately I haven’t been keeping up with the show so I may be a little rusty on the information that I will talk about today. What I can tell you that I do know is, Kiba is a character that is associated with Team 8 and he has a fighting buddy named Akamaru which also happens to be his dog. He comes from the same village that Naruto comes from which is Konohagakure. Now I don’t know if I mentioned this before but, the meaning of the villages name means “village hidden among tree leaves”. This explains why Naruto and other villagers from Konoha wear the symbol of a leaf upon their brow. Did you know that Nartuo’s village is one of the five great ninja villages in the anime series? Anyway let’s get back to the 411 on Kiba shall we? Kiba is a character described as being a short tempered lad with a bad sense of logic when he fights while aggravated in battle. He is often seen with his team-mates Shino and Hinata and he also has a sister named Hana Inuzuka which he loves very much. Kiba loves to battle opponents that are stronger than him and because of that whenever he is faced with such a challenge he often grins in a way to say that he is ready to die to finish a mission. His dog Akamaru is his very best friend and he shares a great deal of affection and loyalty toward him and will do whatever necessary to keep him safe from harm. Even though Kiba may come across as a hard, crazy, cold blooded individual, he is deeply warm and loyal to those nearest and dearest to him. This tutorial will show you "how to draw Kiba". All you have to do is follow the instructions and steps, and you too will be able to draw your very own Naruto character with ease. I will be back again with more drawing fun so stay tuned for more on the way. Peace out peeps!