How to Draw Katekyo

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Like the last lesson I submitted, start with a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines like so. When that is done you can draw out the entire shape of the body, and then add the limb lines for the arms, legs, and face.


Now begin sketching out the shape of the head, face, and the outline of the body which includes the legs, arms. Draw in an eye line, and then the outline of the ear.


Now draw in the clothes, like the shirt collar, tie, and vest. Than you will need to sketch out the crinkled sleeves which is partially rolled up above the wrist. Draw the lining for the vest, and then draw out the other pant leg. Lastly, draw out th   


Since this is your last drawing step, you will just add the little things. Like draw the band around the hat, and sketch out the spiky hair in the back, and then draw out the vest flaps like you see here. Add some pleats on the front of the pants, an   


When you are all done, and the drawing is cleaned up, this is how your character looks. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, I had lots of fun.

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October 9, 2010

Description: Hey guys, I’m back with another tutorial and this time the dscription isn’t going to be that long. Someone asked if I could do a lesson on "how to draw Katekyo", step by step, and basically the name isn’t of any particular character. Instead it’s the Japanese name for the very popular anime/manga series of Reborn. In Japanese they call it “Katekyo Hitman Reborn!”. The manga follows a boy that is young in age named “Tsunayoshi Sawada”. Now, in the beginning, Tsuna doesn’t realize that he is the next person to become boss to a mafia organization called “Vongola”. Not only is this a no nonsense organization, it is THE most powerful of all. The great thing about the series is the lead hit-man that also happens to be the powerfullest. He is an infant baby named Reborn. It is he that becomes a tutor to Tsuna, in an effort to teach him the ropes on being a strong, respectable mob boss. In all the series is great, but unfortunately I haven’t followed the series enough to know all of the characters involved in the manga. But I can teach you "how to draw Katekyo" with a few steps that will be on the very character that is most recognized in the series. Have fun guys, and don't forget to stay tuned in to see what else I have coming your way. Peace out peeps!

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