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How to Draw Viper, Mammon

Artist: Kilian / September 18, 2010
How to Draw Viper, Mammon

Step 1.

Step 1 :) Begin with drawing the base lines.

Step 2.

Now add the feet, the pacifier, some knobs and the Varia-emblem. Add some line for make the picture more dimensional.

Step 3.

Continue drawing the face and the hood with the stripes. On the top you draw his animal, an ouroboros.

Step 4.

At last you can shade or color the picture and it is finished :)

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Artist: Kilian
Date Added: September 18, 2010
Steps: 4
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Tags: how to draw reborn, draw kateikyo hitman reborn, draw characters from reborn, how to draw reborn characters
Description: Sorry that it tooks so long uploading this tut. It's about Viper or Mammon from Varia from Kateikyo Hitman Reborn and it's my 4 Arcobaleno drawing-tut :) Enjoy!