How to Draw Jim Morrison

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Lets start this first step by drawing a frame for Jim Morrison and all the guidelines and shapes. First draw a medium sized circle for his head and lightly sketch in facial guidelines. Next draw a wavy cylinder shape around the head for the begining    


In step two of drawing Jim Morrison you will now begin sketching in his face. Start by sketching two lines for the shape of his eyes and eyebrows. Next sketch out the lining for his nose, for now just sketch out the bottom nostrils and the mid part o   


Now here in step 3 you will first start sketching out Jim Morrison's hair. This is going to be done with a serious of wavy sketching in different directions. For instance some wavy sketching of his hair will be sketched inward, some outward and some    


Now you will be doing some shading in this 4th step. Start with his eyes and start shading the inner top part. Some people have a sunken in eye look where it looks like the eyes are set back into the skull. Well Jim was one of these people. So to def   


After all the guidelines and shapes are cleaned off your sketch you are ready to start finish off the shading all over his entire body. Shade under his chin, under both arm pits and shade his ribs as well. After that you are considered done. If you h   

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June 14, 2008

Description: This tutorial that is going up today on is of a famous and gifted poet that touched the hearts and minds of people all around the world. Who is this individual that I speak of with such high standards? It is no one other than Jim Morrison from the Doors. James Douglas Morrison was born on December 8, 1943 in the state of Florida. There was an incident that happened to Jim Morrison that he explains in an interview on how he felt one day in the year 1947 when he and his family went on a trip to New Mexico. As you know by now Morrison always talked about death and how it comes to you, well that day in 1947 is the first day he learned of death and what his feelings were about it. What he said in the interview was this; “The first time I discovered death... me and my mother and father, and my grandmother and grandfather, were driving through the desert at dawn. A truckload of Indians had either hit another car or something- there were Indians scattered all over the highway, bleeding to death. I was just a kid, so I had to stay in the car while my father and grandfather went to check it out. I didn't see nothing- all I saw was funny red paint and people lying around, but I knew something was happening, because I could dig the vibrations of the people around me, and all of a sudden I realized that they didn't know what was happening any more than I did. That was the first time I tasted fear... and I do think, at that moment, the souls of those dead Indians- maybe one or two of them-were just running around, freaking out, and just landed in my soul, and I was like a sponge, ready to sit there and absorb it." As you can see even at a young age Jim was oddly different from the rest of his family. Unknown to some, Morrison was brought up with conservative values taught and explained to him by his own parents, this explains how he lived his live in a care free manor and how he paid absolutely no attention to authority or even thought about conforming to rules and regulations. He believed in freedom of speech and all the rights that the four fathers bled and died for. He was an eccentric poet and he also studied film and received his undergraduate degree in UCLA's film school. All in all Jim Morrison took his Psychedelic rock, acid rock, blues-rock, and hard rock music to change the music scene forever. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a portrait of Jim Morrison in one of his famous photo poses. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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