How to Draw A Cockatiel

Artist: Dawn / June 14, 2008

Step 1.

Start this first step by drawing out the shape of the Cockatiel. Start with a small oval circle for his head and then a curved shape for his beak. Now draw out the shape of his body and make the body come to a point at the end which is his tail. Afte   

Step 2.

Now here ins step two you will start to draw out the features of the cockatiel. Start by sketching in one round circle for his eye with another circle lightly drawn in around the eye circle. Now sketch in one more smaller circles for his nostrils as    

Step 3.

Okay start this first step with coloring in his eye. Next start detailing and defining his beak and nostril holes. You can also start shading and sketching on the front of the cockatiel as shown to you here. Sketch in a cute light circle for his oran   

Step 4.

All you will do here is detail, define, and shade in the cockatiel. Sketch in the rest of the feathers on his wing as shown and after that erase all the visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Detail his legs and feet a bit more as w   

Step 5.

After you are done with your sketching and drawing your cockatiel should come out looking like the one you see above. All you need to do is color him in his famous grey color and give him those orangish red cheeks he deserves. And that is it you are   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 14, 2008
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Description: I’ve decided to draw a Cockatiel in remembrance of my very own cockatiel Rocky who sadly passed away last year after owning him for a short three years. Rocky was a bird given to me by my grandmother who didn’t have the patience to care for the beautiful bird. Once I got him, I began buying and checking out numerous books on cockatiels and how to care and train them. After extensive reading I learned how not only to care for my winged pet, but to clip his wings as well. Rocky was a very, very special pet to me because he was the first pet that I truly took care of and put a lot of time into. I taught him how to dance, sing, and mimic the noises I would make and he even used to follow me around the house and sleep with me. Rocky the Cockatiel has been through so much while in my possession. There was a time he almost died because I left on a 4 day vacation and I didn’t realize that I didn’t give him a bowl of bird feed to last him. When I returned home I found my beloved bird on the bottom of his cage just sitting there all weak looking. So I immediately ran to the pet store and bought him some food and carefully fed it to him piece by piece until he regained the strength to eat on his own. Happily he regained his ability to climb, fly, and chirp once again. The second brush with death is when I bought a bigger cage and a friend of mine didn’t want her two cockatiels anymore and they were a boy and a girl. As soon as I got them I knew that these birds lacked physical attention from humans because they bite your fingers and they would run away from you when ever you would try and hold or play with them. I thought being in a cage with a socialized bird both with other birds and humans would do the two other birds well. But I was wrong. Rocky stole the girl off the other male bird and then a week later I find the other male bird dead on the bottom of the cage due to a blow he took from Rocky. I guess the name I chose for him was right on. I gave him the name Rocky after the movie Rocky. There was a part where Rocky was in the pet store talking to a bunch of parakeets and I thought that was the perfect name for him. The other brush with death my bird faced was when I was cleaning out his cage with a shop vac and he flew back in and got sucked up by the vacuum. I opened the container and seen him there with a bald head. The vacuum sucked the hair off rocky and I could see his ear hole. I felt so bad for him. I nursed him back to health and all his feathers grew back nicely. Then the final brush with death came before he died a year later. Our house caught fire and he and my snakes were stuck in the smoke filled house for a whole 4 days. I went back and got my bird and my snakes and they were all fine. Rocky died one year later. I think he may have had a heart attack because he was running back and forth around his cage and then collapsed. I will always have love for my red cheeked bird I keep his feather in my journal. You will learn how to draw a Cockatiel step by step with awesome instructions. Have fun.